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Look at our brewing industry analytics! From all of New England to each state and even each individual brewery!

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Once you have determined that we would work well together, send us an email. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

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Sign up for our industry analysis to understand how you are performing against the entire industry!

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Easy Customization

We customize all of our services specific to each of our clients! We know your business is unique.

Our Services

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We abstract and analyze the big data being created each second online by your audience. From entire industries on social media to analyzing each click on your website.

  • Brewing Industry (Launching Shortly!)
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Website Analytics

Our Features

We're a small business like you, we strive to make your business the best it can be.

We are here to support you. Always feel free to contact us with any questions about digital marketing.

Cost Friendly

We work primarily with small businesses, we don't charge absurd prices because we want to help you grow.

We are Here to Help

We want to make your business strive and to do that, we are readily available to answer your questions and take your calls personally.

No Cookie Cutter Services

Each service is modified to your business needs. We understand that your business is unique; we cater to your needs.

Unbeatable Industry Analytics

Our social media micro brewing industry analysis is like nothing the industry has seen before! Our price is unbeatable!

About Us

  • Our History

    We were started in June of 2013 by Bridget Franciscovich, MS as Franciscovich Consulting Services. In 2013 we were solely a consulting firm struggling to find ourselves in this business world. Our owner was still in graduate school when we started, but she found her way to a new client one at a time. In 2014, Bridget decided to rebrand the company to Localed Technology. We now work with several small businesses throughout the country and are excited to launch our newest service, a complete social media analysis on the micro brewing industry.

  • Our Mission

    We provide each client with a customized consulting service. We are not finished until our clients are compeley satisfied and will work through every obstical to make sure their online clount will count!

  • Our Vision

    We strive to create an industry analyze for each industry that is utilizing social media. We are not going to stop until each of our clients know how their industry is performing online and also how they are performing against their competitors.

Our Team